Men's Choir Uniform INFO

Dear Men’s Choir Parents,

The following information was sent home with your son today. In case the letter doesn’t make it home, please see below.

Have a wonderful day!

Amy Krinke and Jacob Lowry

p.s. If your son was in men’s choir last year and already owns a shirt, the rental fee for the jacket and tie is $10.

September 26, 2016

Men’s Choir Uniform Fee:

$30.00 includes the purchase of a Men’s Choir dress shirt, and the rental of a jacket and tie. Please make checks payable to LSWHS by Friday, September 30th.

Men’s Choir Uniform Information

Black Jacket and Silver Tie:

Your student will soon be fitted for his Men’s Choir jacket and neck-tie. The jackets and ties are the property of the LSW Choral Department, and must be returned in the spring in excellent condition. Should either of them be misplaced or damaged, the student is financially responsible for their replacement. The cost for the rental and cleaning of each jacket and tie is included in the Men’s Choir Uniform Fee.

Blue Shirt:

Your student was measured for his dress shirt by City Nights Formalwear. All Men’s Choir students will purchase the same shirt and is yours to keep. The cost for the shirt is included in the Men’s Choir Uniform Fee.

Black dress slacks, belt, and dress shoes:

Each student must provide their own black dress slacks, dress shoes, and belt. Athletic shoes are not appropriate. Black jeans are not appropriate.

If you have further questions: please e-mail: