Washington DC Trip EXTRA REHEARSALS and other information

Hello Washington DC Trip Participants:

Happy New Year! It is time to put the trip into gear and the staff at LSWHS is VERY excited about this trip.

We will be having 3 Extra Evening Practices to prepare for the trip.

Please take note of these dates and times listed below:
January 20th (Tuesday): 6:30-8:30pm Band and Orchestra Only

February 18th (Wednesday): 6:30-7:30pm, Choir – 7:45-8:45pm, Band and Orchestra

March 3rd (Tuesday): 6:30-7:45pm, Band and Orchestra – 8:00-9:00pm Choir

We will have our Pre DC Trip Performance on: March 10th (Tuesday) at 7:00pm

We still have 28 students who did not turn in their medical forms. Please do so immediately.

Don’t forget the dates of the trip:

Leaving – Thursday, March 12 at 4pm. Returning – Wednesday, March 18 at 10am.

Titan Pride Update February 21

Good morning!

Points of update for this month!

  • Summer school registration – for many, it is crucial to take summer school to free up space in their schedule for additional classes. Registration recently opened this week. Please register now. Take PE, or Personal Finance, or Health, etc……
  • Physicals for next year – all marching band members for 2014 need a current physical exam on file that was given AFTER February 1st. You can start this process now, but it NEEDS to be done before your child’s first day of band this summer. There are physical exams being given at the school district NEXT Saturday. Please contact Monte Seabaugh or Debbie Katzfey for more information.
  • Basketball Game performance – a reminder that students need to be at school on Tuesday night for our performance at the LSW basketball game. Our call time is 6:30pm. Students should be wearing blue jeans and Titan Pride apparel on top. We should be finished about 8:30pm, maybe earlier, but students will text parents in the 4th quarter.
  • PIZZA NIGHT – On Monday night, Sarpino’s Pizza in Lee’s Summit is giving us 10% of the proceeds for delivery or carryout orders from 4pm to 9pm. Please eat your dinner there Monday night. Here is a flyer for you to hand out to your neighbors as well.
  • Solo/Small Ensemble Contest – Students are currently being registered for one of two contests to perform their solo or small ensemble performance that is required for our class. Some students will be registered for District Solo/Ensemble Contest on March 22nd (students who earn a 1 rating here will move on to State Contest on May 2nd). Some students will be registered for Lee’s Summit Contest on April 8th, which satisfies the class and letter requirement, but does not make them eligible for State. Students are fully aware how/why these decisions are made
  • Washington DC Trip 2015 – We ARE going on the trip next March. Students who are already registered for the trip need to stay current on their payments (there was a $100 payment due on February 15th and another $100 payment due on March 15th). Attached is a registration form which, if you have not already done so, must be filled out and either turned into the directors by Monday, or mailed into the company right away. Students who have not signed up to go on the trip yet, but are still interested, please contact me for more information about how we can make this happen: Individual Registration Form – Lee’s Summit
  • Percussionists continuing in band next year – Attached you will find the information/dates for this year’s audition clinics and audition date. They begin NEXT Wednesday. Drumline Clinic Schedule.docx

Have a great weekend!

Washington DC trip 2015

I hope that everyone had a great Christmas and New Years! I’m personally refreshed and ready to start a new year.

As I’m sure you’ve heard from your students that the music department is going on a trip to Washington DC on March 12-17, 2015.

Here’s some trip background to those new to the music program. Every other year the music department goes on a big trip outside the state of Missouri, so far all of them have been in the United States, to perform in venues that are a once in a life time opportunity. Trips have been made to Chicago, Los Angeles and last year was to New York City. Each student has two opportunities during their high school career to go on an exciting music trip.

Who’s eligible?
– Students must be enrolled during the 2014-15 school year in one of the following: orchestra, band or concert choir.
– Chaperones. We’ll need many parents to go on the trip.

I’m attaching the PowerPoint presentation that was shown to the students and at a music parents meeting. This gives you a snapshot of what the teachers have worked hard to put together and while not everything is set in stone at this point it also gives you an indication of how exciting a trip like this is. The students will be performing at one venue, at least, in addition to a clinician from top teachers in the Washington DC area, they’ll also be going on a tour around DC via subway and there are many places to explore (free!). A possible White House tour is also being investigated.

Please refer to the PowerPoint presentation (DC Trip Presentation) or the Individual Registration Form — Lee’s Summit found at http://titanmusic.org/2013/12/04/washington-d-c-trip-information/ for the payment schedule. The refund policy is on the Individual Registration Form — Lee’s Summit found at the titanmusic.org website. Payments can be submitted two different ways, either by mailing in the payment or paying online — both instructions are on titanmusic.org and on CHARMS in the Washington DC folder. If you pay online you don’t need to mail the Registration Form.

Student account money can be used towards the trip cost. Please verify through CHARMS that your student has money in their account prior to submitting the Request to use Student Account Funds that can be found in CHARMS or from the music teacher. We’re also working on an online submission form that can be used. If for some reason you cancel going on the trip the money used from the student account for trip payment will be returned to the student accounts.

The music teachers have been working very hard to make this trip an opportunity for each of the students to perform at a place they might not otherwise get to perform and have a once in lifetime experience.

No money should be turned into the music teachers or the music parents, all payments go directly to Music Celebrations. Student account usage requests will go through the music parents.

If you have any questions please let me or the music teachers know. There will be more information shared at each music parent meeting as well.

Brent Grigsby
LSWMP President