Band Tailgating @ 6pm Friday

The tailgating before the game has changed due to the game time change. Brent will have the grill out at 6PM. Bring your own food. Plates and utensils will be supplied.

CHANGES to this week's Titan Pride Update + Next Week's Email

Hi there! We’ve had a couple of changes to the email I sent out on Monday as well as the email for NEXT week. Here they are:

Sectionals for Brass and Woodwinds
I mistakenly mentioned they would be on Friday mornings, but they are, in fact, on TUESDAY mornings at 6:45am. This will begin THIS COMING TUESDAY. I will see all brass and woodwind players at this time.

Friday Night Football Game
Due to heat, the football game on Friday night is having a delayed start by one hour (8pm). Therefore, the call time for the full band (in khaki shorts, provided tee shirt, and tennis shoes/socks) will be 7pm in the PAC ready to warm up.
Also, because of the heat, they have moved our pep assembly to 7:30AM tomorrow morning. Because of this change, we will need all band members in the band room to warm up by 7:15am (also with the uniform on). I realize this may create complications with transportation to school, but please let me know if I can be of assistance.


Ice Cream Social Tickets
In preparation for our Ice Cream Social on Tuesday, September 9th, the students are receiving an envelope full of tickets this morning (THURSDAY, 8/21). Each student is expected to sell these tickets as this is our biggest group fundraiser of the year that benefits the booster organization (Music Parents). Please look for these tonight so you can help your son/daughter take care of supporting this event. More information about the particulars of the event and ticket sales will be sent home from our booster president, Brent Grigsby.

Monday, August 25
All students will be sent home with a concert uniform sizing form and fee sheet. This is for the uniform we will wear from November through May. All boys will be issued a tuxedo for a $22/year fee and will be expected to provide their own bowtie, tuxedo wing-tipped shirt, and black socks/shoes. All girls will be purchasing a concert dress for $80. This should be the only time the girls will need to purchasing this dress, barring significant growth. Attached is the form explaining this and requesting the sizing (boys only) and fees (boys and girls) be turned in by Friday, Aug 29.
(See attached file: LSW Dress Info.doc)(See attached file: LSW Tuxedo Sizing Form.doc)

Tuesday, August 26
6:45am for all brass and woodwind players
Evening Rehearsal
Drumline 5pm
Full Band 6:30pm

Thursday, August 28
Evening Rehearsal
Drumline does NOT have rehearsals on Thursdays unless otherwise noted
Full Band 6:30pm

Have a great week!

Clifton D. Thurmond

LSW Dress Info.doc

LSW Tuxedo Sizing Form.doc

State Football Itinerary and last minute information!

Hi all!

Are you ready for Saturday? I’m trying to be, but there’s still a lot to do. Wish me luck!

1. Here is the itinerary for Saturday:
(See attached file: State-Championship1.doc)

2. We anticipate being back in LS by 1am, however, there is no way to be certain of that, so here is the plan

  • Once we leave St. Louis, we will stop somewhere outside the city for a QUICK bite to eat. They will need cash for this.
  • Once we leave this eating establishment, I will have them text you to give you a better idea of our ETA.
  • Once we drive through Odessa (about 25 minutes from LSW), I will have them text you again and tell you to go ahead and leave the house so that your are waiting for us once we arrive
  • We will NOT be unloading equipment at this time, so please be on time so your child can exit the bus and enter your car to go home. At 1am, no one will want to be waiting around for a ride, including me.


  • We will be eating, at Golden Corral (I think) in St. Charles, MO
  • Address is 1850 ZUMBEHL ROAD, (636)947-0999
  • To get your child with the band, you have two options: 1. bring them to Golden Corral (2:30pm) and let them ride to the game with the bus OR 2. meet us at the Cole St entrance to the dome. (4pm)
  • Ask your student if they remembered to bring their instrument home this weekend. If not, they are responsible for taking care of someone else getting their instrument loaded Saturday morning.


  • After the game is over, you will need find our buses/trailers outside the Cole St entrance to the dome
  • I MUST see you with your child in hand. Please do not leave without checking out with MR. THURMOND himself. I will be nearest the trailers.

5. Tickets to the game are $11. You can buy them at the ticket window when you arrive at the dome. OR until 3:30pm today in the front office of the school.

I HOPE I covered everything, but don’t hesitate to ask if I didn’t cover something you’re thinking about.

Have a blessed Thanksgiving! See you Saturday!

Go Titans!

Clifton D. Thurmond
Director of Bands, Lee’s Summit West High School

State Championship.doc

Titan Pride Update, Turkey and State Football edition!

Well, the Titans did it again. 42-14 was the final tonight over the Kearney Bulldogs. We are headed to STATE! Our last performance of the season will be in the Edward Jones Dome on Saturday, November 30th at 5:30pm.

This brings with it plenty of challenges, given we only have two days of school remaining before break. Please read the following carefully, so our trip logistics can run smoothly.

  • IF, for any reason, your son/daughter will be traveling one direction without the band (meaning they will not be on the bus), we NEED written verification of this.
  • IF they are riding to OR from with someone other than their own parents, they MUST fill out the approved travel release form that I will provide them MONDAY during class. This MUST be signed and returned NO LATER THAN Tuesday, November 26th at NOON!
  • IF they are riding to OR from with a parent, a hand-written note or email will suffice.
  • We will TRY to go outside to rehearse on MONDAY or TUESDAY during school. Please tell your son/daughter to come prepared to go outside in the cold those days.
  • I have a lot of things to iron out before I can give you an itinerary, but we plan to leave mid-morning and return LATE (as in after midnight).

Lastly, I wish you all a blessed Thanksgiving! Have a relaxing time with your families. And don’t forget to put EVERYTHING on your Thursday dinner table between two pieces of bread on Friday! (That is my favorite part)

Clifton D. Thurmond
Director of Bands, Lee’s Summit West High School

Titan Pride Update for Nov. 6th

Well…..the weather prevented us from performing last night, but fortunately, the team once again destroyed its competition, giving us another opportunity to showcase Aerodynamics.

THIS SATURDAY, we will have a home game starting at 1:30pm (earlier than I stated in my last email to you).
Students will need to report to get dressed at 12:15pm.
Weather permitting, we will perform our halftime show as was planned last evening.
This will be the last HOME game of the season, as the semifinal game will either be at Staley HS or Fort Osage HS. Therefore, please come cheer on the Titan Pride in their final home performance of the season.

Another note about the Band Banquet
The banquet, as previously stated, will be on Friday, November 30th.
The dinner line will start serving at 5:30pm with the “program” beginning shortly after 6pm.

Have a great day!

Mr. Thurmond

Costumes Tomorrow Night

Just clarifying logistics for the game tomorrow night.

  • Students should arrive in costume by 6pm.
  • Costumes cannot include masks of any kind. No student, staff, fan, or performer will be permitted into the game with a mask.
  • Costume of some kind is required. There should be no member of the band in street clothes. This means it MUST be an obvious costume. For instance, I do not want students dressed in their soccer uniform or in warmups calling themselves a basketball player. We need creativity here.

Thanks in advance for helping make this experience worth while.

Have a great day!

Mr. Thurmond