CHANGES to this week's Titan Pride Update + Next Week's Email

Hi there! We’ve had a couple of changes to the email I sent out on Monday as well as the email for NEXT week. Here they are:

Sectionals for Brass and Woodwinds
I mistakenly mentioned they would be on Friday mornings, but they are, in fact, on TUESDAY mornings at 6:45am. This will begin THIS COMING TUESDAY. I will see all brass and woodwind players at this time.

Friday Night Football Game
Due to heat, the football game on Friday night is having a delayed start by one hour (8pm). Therefore, the call time for the full band (in khaki shorts, provided tee shirt, and tennis shoes/socks) will be 7pm in the PAC ready to warm up.
Also, because of the heat, they have moved our pep assembly to 7:30AM tomorrow morning. Because of this change, we will need all band members in the band room to warm up by 7:15am (also with the uniform on). I realize this may create complications with transportation to school, but please let me know if I can be of assistance.


Ice Cream Social Tickets
In preparation for our Ice Cream Social on Tuesday, September 9th, the students are receiving an envelope full of tickets this morning (THURSDAY, 8/21). Each student is expected to sell these tickets as this is our biggest group fundraiser of the year that benefits the booster organization (Music Parents). Please look for these tonight so you can help your son/daughter take care of supporting this event. More information about the particulars of the event and ticket sales will be sent home from our booster president, Brent Grigsby.

Monday, August 25
All students will be sent home with a concert uniform sizing form and fee sheet. This is for the uniform we will wear from November through May. All boys will be issued a tuxedo for a $22/year fee and will be expected to provide their own bowtie, tuxedo wing-tipped shirt, and black socks/shoes. All girls will be purchasing a concert dress for $80. This should be the only time the girls will need to purchasing this dress, barring significant growth. Attached is the form explaining this and requesting the sizing (boys only) and fees (boys and girls) be turned in by Friday, Aug 29.
(See attached file: LSW Dress Info.doc)(See attached file: LSW Tuxedo Sizing Form.doc)

Tuesday, August 26
6:45am for all brass and woodwind players
Evening Rehearsal
Drumline 5pm
Full Band 6:30pm

Thursday, August 28
Evening Rehearsal
Drumline does NOT have rehearsals on Thursdays unless otherwise noted
Full Band 6:30pm

Have a great week!

Clifton D. Thurmond

LSW Dress Info.doc

LSW Tuxedo Sizing Form.doc

Titan Pride Update, Week of August 18

Greetings and welcome to the 2014-15 school year!

You will be receiving an email like this from me every week (generally on Friday) throughout the marching season to help keep things running smoothly as it pertains to band here at LSW and in your home. Please make sure you read all bullet points as there will be scheduling information, handouts, deadlines, etc……

Wednesday, August 20th
First day of school
All band members will need to have their instrument with them. We will be playing, as well as learning to use our instrument lockers. Since we don’t have band right away, they can drop their instruments off before school in the band room.
Students will also receive information on how to access the online band handbook at, as well as how to sign the online contract. On this contract, there will be an opportunityCompleting this will be due by Friday!

Thursday, August 21st
Evening Rehearsal
5:00pm Drumline rehearsal begins (I know I said this would be on Tuesdays, but when we only have a Thursday rehearsal, it is necessary to do it then)
6:30pm Full band ready to rehearse on the parking lot.
8:30pm Dismissal

Friday, August 22nd
Band Handbook Contract should be completed online by this day
Football Game
Students should be ready to warm up in the PAC by 6pm
All winds and percussion should be wearing khaki shorts and the provided pep band shirt (handed out this thursday). Khaki shorts are a necessity for our first two football games, our first competition, AND all of the basketball games at which we will play. I understand some students may not currently own khaki shorts, but you can probably get some at Kohl’s for a very reasonable price. Again, THIS IS OUR UNIFORM FOR THE FIRST TWO BALL GAMES AND FIRST COMPETITION (as our new band uniforms will not be in until late September).
For parents, the football game starts at 7pm. Many of our parents sit together, so look out for each other upon entering the seating area.
We are generally done, and students are ready to be picked up, by 9:15 or 9:30pm. Please make sure your child is picked up on time.
As a rule, we do not allow the kids to use their cell phones DURING the game, so please be aware. Continue reading “Titan Pride Update, Week of August 18”

Titan Pride Update, End of Camp Version

WOW! What a week. This band has so shown up to work. We have been blessed with great weather and a great opportunity to kick this season off in the right way. Your kids have done a marvelous job and I am so proud of the work they accomplished. Here’s to a great season!

All students must be on the parking lot WITH instrument in hand ready to warm up at 9am.

All parents are having a general meeting in the choir room at 9am as well. All parents are encouraged to attend.

All SENIORS are to be in the courtyard at 8:30am for their poster picture to be taken.

Performance Preview begins at 9:30 on the parking lot. All families are invited to attend.

Clash of the Titans eligibility meeting (required for participation in the program) is at 10:15 in the PAC. Prior to entering the auditorium, you MUST sign in on the chrome books in the commons/fieldhouse (this is not the commitment form, just proving you were there)

AFTER the meeting, you will be given a pen and a form to sign (both parent and student) on the way out of the PAC. After you sign it and drop it in the appropriate indicated spot, you will be free to leave for the day. (This should be 11:30am)

If you do NOT attend this meeting, you will need to call and set up a private screening prior to our first performance (August 22nd), or your student cannot perform with the band that evening.

We have our first evening rehearsal for the year. 6:30-8:30pm at school. All members of the band are to be in attendance.

Here, again, is the schedule for the fall. Attendance at each date on this calendar is a part of the grade for our class. Please make sure they are in your calendar now to prevent conflicts. I fully realize there are unavoidable conflicts with sports and I work those out with parents and students when needed. It is crucial students are at these rehearsals/performances for us to achieve the best product with our show.

(See attached file: 2014 MB Sched May 29.docx)

Have a GREAT weekend and see you tomorrow morning!

Clifton D. Thurmond

2014 MB Sched May 29.docx

Marching Band Rehearsal next Tuesday, July 22nd

Greetings Titan Pride Family,

Summer’s not over yet, but we’ve begun our march toward success. The colorguard has been working weekly all summer long and making progress toward their best season yet. The drumline just finished a week of camp and have exceeded their goals in preparation for the season as well, I’ve heard great things. Thank you to all students, parents, and staff for continued hard work and dedication to our band.


Have you had your physical exam yet?

Have you turned in the attached form to Mrs. Seabaugh yet?

If you answered “no” to either question, make sure you accomplish both by August 4th.

(See below: Physical form.pdf)


Rehearsal next Tuesday will be similar to our June rehearsal. Please be on time and meet in the PAC. It is looking like it will be hotter than our June rehearsal, so come prepared as we will spend some time outside.


I will handout fee worksheets on Tuesday to take home. Fees will be due the week of band camp.

See you soon! Memorize that music!!!!

Clifton D. Thurmond
Director of Bands, Lee’s Summit West High School

Physical form.pdf

Announcing new band uniforms!

We’re excited to announce the new uniforms for the Titan Pride Marching Band. We think the design is awesome and we’re really looking forward to starting the next decade with a new look designed for the Titan Pride by DCI Hall of Fame member and Artistic Director of DCI, Michael Cesario, and produced by Fred J. Miller, Inc. (See information below about getting fitted for the uniforms)

Take a moment to imagine the unveiling in the two images below!

"Mr. Harrel pulling the mannequin into the PAC for the uniform unveiling."
“Mr. Harrel pulling the mannequin into the PAC for the uniform unveiling.”
The new uniform for the 2014 Titan Pride Marching Band!
The new uniform for the 2014 Titan Pride Marching Band!

Fitting for new Titan Pride Marching Band uniforms!

Greetings! We have to have all of NEXT season’s marching band members fitted in the next few days. In an effort to provide several options for getting this done, we are going to start TOMORROW (Thursday) NIGHT at 6:00pm in the band room area. If your son/daughter is available to come sometime between 6 and 8pm for about 10-15 minutes, please come during that time. This will help expedite this tight deadline.

We are SUPER excited about what next year has to offer and it all starts right now!

March on Titan Pride!

Clifton D. Thurmond

Titan Pride Update, January 29th

Hi there! Hope you are staying warm. I can’t believe it is almost February, and yesterday we celebrated the 100th day of school. May will be here before we know it.

Washington DC Trip 2015
In case you missed our email yesterday (Tuesday) from Mr. Mosier, we are in danger of needing to cancel the trip. The staff will have to make that decision THIS Saturday based on the number of people “officially” registered for the trip. This means you have paid $50 to Music Celebrations International by Friday, January 31st at 11:59pm. The registration form itself can be taken care of later. In order to make this a viable and memorable experience for all (and to prevent a price increase), we must have enough students going for the performance to be what it can be. Please take care of this today if your child plans to go with us next spring. Here are the online payment instructions:
(See attached file: Online Payment Instructions)

Playing Tests
As mentioned in previous emails from me, the members of the Symphonic Band, Concert Band, and Percussion Class all have WEEKLY playing tests. In Percussion Class, we do them live. In Symphonic and Concert Band, students are expected to record their tests on CHARMS. The students know how to do this. Please encourage your child to stay on top of this, as many students are forgetting to do so, and their grade is slipping quickly.

Marching Band to perform at February 25th Basketball Game.
Please add this date to your calendar to prevent work conflicts, etc….All members of the marching band are to attend and perform. Logistical information to follow.

District Solo/Ensemble Contest
This is a state organized solo and small ensemble festival that is hosted by the staff here at LSWHS. It occurs on Saturday, March 22nd for all band students. Every member of the Concert Band, Symphonic Band, and Percussion Class are required to participate as a soloist OR as a member of a small ensemble. Some students have chose to participate in both, which is great. Rules state that participants can enter two solos (on different instruments), and/or two ensembles. Currently, students are working with Mr. Harrel and I on selecting the music for this contest. Students will need to work at home and at school (before and after) to prepare. SOME class time will be devoted to this, but not enough to prepare for the contest. If the student earns a 1 rating at this contest, he/she is eligible to compete at State Solo/Ensemble Festival on Friday, May 2nd.

State Large Ensemble Contest
As mentioned in previous emails and in the band handbook (online at, the Concert Band and Symphonic Band will be performing at the State Large Ensemble Contest, which is also hosted by the staff and parents here at LSWHS.
The Concert Band will perform on Wednesday, March 26 and the Symphonic Band will perform on Friday, March 28. In addition, the percussionists from the Concert/Symphonic Band are rehearsing after school on Thursdays in preparation for their performance on Wednesday, March 26.

Both of the above mentioned contests are hosted by the staff and Music Parents at LSWHS. This takes an enormous volunteer base. You should receive emails, via CHARMS, from Nancy Shaeffer concerning volunteer needs and how to sign up.

Marching Band Camp Schedule 2014
For those families with 9th-11th graders, attached you will find the marching band camp and drumline camp schedules for the upcoming season. Please get these dates in your calendar now to prevent conflicts over the summer. It is VERY important that all members are at the required camp(s) for the success of the season. Please schedule vacations and other camps around these dates. Thank you for supporting the Titan Pride Marching Band.
(See attached file: 2014 Marching Band Camp)

Have a great end to your January!

Clifton D. Thurmond

Titan Pride Weekly Update

Hello. I’m sure most of you have been going through withdrawal from not receiving my email EVERY Friday.

Marching Band, the saga continues……….

What a glorious night it was last Monday. Marching band in 20 degree weather is how it’s supposed to be (says the guy who spent three years in the University of Colorado marching band)

There is a playoff game TOMORROW in Springfield at Kickapoo HS. The band will NOT be traveling to the game. In the event the team wins that game, we SHOULD have a home game on Friday, November 22nd. If this game takes place at Titan Stadium, we will again perform and have a 6pm call time.

Both Symphonic Band AND Concert Band members are taking WEEKLY playing tests via the CHARMS system. Please encourage your child to stay current on this, as getting behind will only have a negative effect.

Don’t forget the Winter Concert on December 10th at 7pm. All girls, at this point, should have a concert dress (purchased through the music staff). All boys, at this point, should have a rented tuxedo from the music staff. Boys are responsible for purchasing their own tuxedo shirt
(this is not a normal white dress shirt, it needs to be an actual tuxedo shirt), as well as their own bowtie. Percussion Ensemble boys are to wear black dress slacks, a black, long-sleeved, collared dress shirt, and black dress shoes. Percussion Ensemble girls have been instructed to wear all black matching the boys as best as possible (I’m not as good at describing their options).

Don’t forget that the current fundraiser orders/money are due THIS MONDAY.

Congratulations to the following students on their accomplishments at All-District Band Auditions this past Saturday. Students auditioned at Liberty High School against approximately 1000 other high school band members from the Kansas City area for a 100-piece concert band and a 20-piece jazz band:

The following were selected as members of the All-District Band
Shayla Brown, 7th chair flute
Maddie Krause, 8th chair flute
Courtney Bingham, 2nd chair oboe
Courtney Bingham, english horn 1st alternate
Allyssa DeJarnette, 3rd chair clarinet
Kayla Shaeffer, 1st chair baritone saxophone
David Burre, trombone 1st alternate
Sawyer Harmon, 1st chair tuba

The following were selected as members of the Honorable Mention Band
David Burre, 1st chair trombone

The following were selected to the All-District Jazz Band
Justin Nitz, 5th trumpet
Isaiah Carter, vibraphone
Isaiah Carter, drumset 2nd alternate
Kevin McMilian, vibraphone alternate
Quinn Mosier, piano

All of the above students are eligible to audition for All-State Band and Jazz Band on December 7th at Columbia-Hickman High School, more info to follow. In addition, they will be performing with their respective All-District ensembles the week of December 9th, please refer to their schedule for rehearsal and concert times.

Clifton D. Thurmond

Last Weekend of Marching Band Competition Season

Happy Last week of the competitive season,

Band Banquet, Monday, November 4th, 7:00pm
First, please notice the time change. The banquet will begin at 7pm at Garozzo’s on 291 in Lee’s Summit.
Please click on the link below and RSVP for anybody attending the banquet EXCLUDING the marching band member.
RSVP’s MUST be received no later than 9pm, Tuesday, October 29th.
All tickets are $17. Marching Band members have already been paid for.
You may send payment to school OR pay at the door. Cash or check (made payable to LSW)

Tomorrow, Saturday, October 26th, Odessa Marching Festival
A reminder that all students should be on campus BEFORE 12:40pm. Here is the itinerary once more.

Odessa Marching Invitational

Symphonic Band and Concert Band PLACEMENT auditions, Monday/Tuesday, October 28/29
Here is the audition schedule. All students enrolled in 4th hour are required to take this audition for placement and a grade.

Symphonic Band

Playoff Football Game, Wednesday, November 6th
We will have a playoff game on this night. Call is 5:30pm for all marching band members.

Clifton D. Thurmond

Odessa Marching Festival This week


This Saturday marks the final competition of the year for the Titan Pride marching band. It’s hard to believe the season is almost over!

Loading: We will meet at the school around 11:45am to load the trailers. Once the trailers are loaded, we will head out to Odessa so that we can get there before the band and have everything set up before they arrive. Parent help with loading and unloading the trailers is always appreciated.

Dinner: The final meal of the competition season is always a special occasion. This special meal will feature steak, green beans, loaded mashed potatoes, rolls and cobbler (apple & peach). We would love to have a large gathering to enjoy each others company and enjoy the students last marching band performance of the year! The cost for family members to eat with the band is $7 per meal (band members do not have to pay). If you would like to eat with the band, please email Mary so that we can make sure we have enough food. If you have dietary needs, please also let Mary know so she can ensure everyone has food available.

Thanks and please let me know if you have any questions!

Instrumental Liaison