End of Season 2012

Well, we’ve come to the end of another great competitive season. The Titan Pride has made the school proud. However, we will still perform AT LEAST one more time. The football team has ended the regular season in smashing fashion by beating Truman High School 61-0. Therefore, we have home field advantage throughout the playoffs.

Our first home game will be on Wednesday, October 31st
We are asking the students to wear a halloween costume for the game (we won’t be wearing uniforms). The only thing we ask is that their costume is not one that prevents them from being able to play their instrument while in that costume (masks won’t work for wind players). More on this later……..

THIS MONDAY, October 22nd
This is our first day of Symphonic Band/Concert Band. Students auditioned back on September 25th for a spot in one of these two bands, and so our concert season begins.
Students should come to school on Monday with all of the necessary equipment for class, this includes:

a working concert instrument
all necessary items to play that instrument (three new reeds, cork grease, slide grease, slide oil, valve oil…….)
percussionists should have a COMPLETE stick/mallet bag (they will also be receiving guidelines for keeping this in good condition and adding to it this month)
a pencil that can be left in their folder for every rehearsal
a hard-working attitude
the desire to HAVE FUN! while making music

All-District Band Auditions, November 3rd, Staley High School
These are rapidly approaching. Students entered in these auditions will be playing music from their entire audition packet THIS WEEK. They will be signing up for a time on Monday that will be BEFORE school Tuesday through Thursday. Please make sure your son/daughter takes care of this requirement.
We will NOT be taking a bus to this audition, as students will have audition times ranging from 8:30am to 5pm. Please plan to take your son/daughter to Staley that day.

Hope you have a great weekend.

Clifton D. Thurmond