Giving Thanks

Dear Choir families,

We want to personally thank all of you for attending the

Concert on Sunday afternoon at Redemptorist Church. We were blown away by the amazing turnout and

response to each of the choirs. The kids

had a tremendous experience. Thanks to your generous donations, over $900 was

collected on Sunday.

After a concert like this one, it is incredibly obvious that

the LSW Choral Program serves a very diverse group of kids who are worth

recognizing for their fine achievements outside of the choir. Here are some facts about the 84-member Concert

Choir that you might find interesting:

68 members take Advanced Classes

– 27 members have over a 4.0 weighted GPA

35 members are taking at least 1 IB Course

6 members are currently perusing the IB Diploma

24 have played a Varity Sport

32 have played a Junior Varsity Sport

29 members are in Band or Orchestra

33 members take private voice lessons

Parents, thank you for supporting your child’s involvement

in choir throughout their high school career.

We are indeed thankful to work with such an intelligent, hardworking,

and diverse group of kids.


Amy Krinke, Ryan Sullivan, and Terrin Pabst